Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snow White, Snow White, or Snow White?

Snow White sure has something going on; hot commodity that girl is, no wonder the Queen wanted her gone!  Last year ABC brought its viewers the town of Storybrooke and it’s, forgotten to themselves, characters in Once Upon a Time. Heading up the pack Emma Swon finds herself tied, by her estranged son, to the town and his ideas that his adoptive mother is the wicked Queen who has magic-ed the world of fairy tales to the world where no one has a happy ending.  Emma, having forgotten that she is Snow White, is the only one who can bring everyone to themselves and defeat the wicked Queen; season 2 is scheduled to air October 2012. While Snow has been on break in Storybrooke she got to tell her story twice more in, Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman. The Huntsman seemed to have stolen the thunder of Queen Julia Roberts this last Spring; which I understand was a boring flop.  While I haven’t met the seven dwarfs Ms. White runs into while escaping the Huntsman I did meet the charming seven who take her in before the mirror betrays her still living. In this account we get to see Charming in his all-togethers, oh my (woopsies, wrong story)! This comedy is well worth your time, will bring you some laughter, and will certainly give the Queen a little happiness in knowing that she gets a little more face time, even if it is thanks only to Snow White!