Tuesday, June 30, 2009

driving down memory lane

What are the odds of driving to the office by leaving the office while working for the office?

I took a trip down memory lane today. My office manager, Jennifer, asked me to drive out to Illinois today to pick up some paper work from our accountant. I was excited to get out of the office for a while and enjoy the beautiful weather. My excitement was hightened when she told me the accountants office was in Swansea. You see I worked for an internet company out in Swansea for a good chunk of time back in...who even remembers what year. Anyway. I knew my way well as I crossed the river and took the Belleville exit and headed toward Swansea. I giggled and grinned as I saw the local restaurants and remembered lunch outings and racing to make the next and the next and the next green light before I was officially late for work. I was suprised by the growth in the area and happy to see the old still staking its place.

As I entered the intersection and saw my destination up ahead I realized with giddyness that this was the same office complex I'd worked in all those years ago.

Papers obtained and heading back to Missouri I reminissed at all the jobs I've had over the years, Burger King, A-Net/AccessUS, Geppedos, Life Skills Foundation, CitiBank, Pepose Vision Institute, Deseret Book, Nanny, a head hunter, St. Louis Helicopter, and certainly a few more that have some how slipped my mind at the moment. My occupations have been many and varied over the years and I'm grateful to have experienced the challenges and joys that each have presented.