Monday, November 1, 2010

for the beauty of the earth...

Oh how I love morning church! We had stake conference this weekend and were done with meetings at noon! An entire day to rest from the worries, cares, and responsibilities of daily life! My afternoon was spent exploring some hidden treasures just south of the St. Louis area. A covered bridge park, and a nearby tower to overlook some current fall color! I'm so blessed to have dear friends to share afternoons enjoying the beauty of the earth. Pictures are as close to jarring up my favorite things in life. I wish pictures could be "scratch and sniff" only better, "scratch and feel"! Hopefully these portray a bit of the feeling I felt!

This reminds me a bit of some art by Steven R. Greenwall,, a good family friend.

When we pulled into the "tower" park this reminded me of Germany or grandmas old property outside Atlanta, Georgia.